Young Film Makers – Year 4,5 & 6

Course Title : Young Film Makers

Number of sessions
10 sessions (One session per week, each session 60 mins)

Course aim
These workshops are designed to be a social experience for students with an interest in film making.
To develop students’ creative and artistic skills in film making through skills development and sharing learnt skills with others.

Course description
Weekly workshop sessions delivered by an experienced practitioner in film making.
The Young Film Makers will explore the fundamentals of film making including video editing.
This programme is designed to be delivered off timetable.

Course Structure

Introduction and overview of this class
Discuss the Five Stages of Movie-making
Stay safe – General safety tips

Develop a film idea
Write pitch & the script
Create the storyboard

Introduction To Cameras
Camera Technology, Lenses, Shot Composition, Depth of Field
Breakdown of key lighting setups – Light a film set
Set up
Master the camera
Green screen techniques
Record sound

Edit filmed footage
Special effects
Sound effects & music


Students will develop skills in:

  • Story boarding
  • Camera handling
  • Lighting
  • Sound recording
  • Video composition
  • Video editing and special effects
  • Researching
  • Skills sharing

Previous skills or experience needed?

What will students achieve?
Students will enhance their technical skills, knowledge and language with regards to film making. They will be provided with a unique experience to work alongside a creative industry professional who will educate them in craft of film making.
Students will work toward developing their skills in storytelling through films and develop a series of short films.
In addition to the practical film making skills, students will also develop in confidence communication team work and leadership.

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